A first of its kind in Africa, ENGAGE! is an independent ISO-accredited toll-free platform, available in all 11 official SA languages, that gives a voice to the voiceless & enables project owners to socially de-risk their projects through real-time evidence-based and verifiable community engagement data.
ENGAGE! facilitates direct access between project owners & project host communities throughout the project lifecycle.
was recognised as
a Top 3 Finalist in
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EmpowHer competition in May 2023
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The challenge

Communities, especially around large infrastructure projects, have not historically been engaged in a manner that acknowledges and recognizes their role as integral members of project value chains. With the Just Energy Transition gaining momentum in Africa – it is becoming increasingly important for People to be centred as a metric of Justness in the energy transition. The frequency and cos

Heavy reliance on formal and structured channels of engagement in usually divided communities, which leaves the voiceless unheard and unconsidered and increases likelihood of social unrest

Limited checks & balances for social interventions and effectiveness in communities, to empower project owners to make well timed, informed and evidence-based decisions on projects.

What are the objectives of ENGAGE!?

  • To provide a safe, non-bias, transparent and inclusive platform for local community members to express project related matters (complaints, queries, etc)
  • To establish a proactive channel of communication – as part of a suite of engagement channels – with the intention of reducing the likelihood and impact of community unrest on projects
  • Enable non-organised community members a safe platform to express their concerns without fear of victimization or ostracization
  • To empower Project Owners with real time, verifiable, line of sight of community issues that can inform better social investment choices and decisions
  • To build an evidence base of trends and issues in local community to enable proactive solutions that are evidence based and responsive to community needs
  • To act as an independent check and balance of community activities

Our values


How does it work?

Community members can call the ENGAGE toll-free number in their language of choice to lodge a query, make a suggestion, complain and make requests for their community.

Toll-free line is open Mon – Fri (08h30 – 17h00) excluding public holidays – option to add on as 24hr line for support for various other function.

Community member addressed in local language of choice. Each call has a specific ID code.

Calls recorded & key data is captured.

Issues collated & weekly reports* supplied to Project Owners – urgent issues immediately shared.

ENGAGE! Ambassador reverts to community member via preferred choice.

Ticket closed upon resolution of caller.

Benefits of Engage

Project Owner

  • Manage project social risk
  • Community accessibility increases trust and improves relations
  • Data to inform need responsive social projects, drive strategic business decisions and legitimise interventions
  • Cost effective execution of constant stakeholder engagement
  • Displays Project commitment to open community engagement
  • Adhering to best practices on stakeholder engagement


  • Communities agency improves feel, and are heard & seen
  • Communties active agents and participants of change
  • Increased trust in project owners
  • Shared ownership
  • Decrease in likelihood of social unrest